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    Looking for a Mobility Solution that is easily and quickly deployed?

  • Accessible from ANYWHERE via the new (License and Maintenance FREE!) Saleslogix Mobile Web Client, you can quickly and easily tap into your CRM data using your iPad, iPhone, Android smart-phone/tablet, BlackBerry running OS 6.x, or ANY HTLM5 compatable browser (ex: FireFox, Chrome, etc).
  • Built using the latest standards (HTML5, CSS3, and javascript), the Mobile Web Client is customizable to meet the needs and requirements of the constantly changing world of mobility.

  • Visit our dedicated Mobility Page to find out more and how you can quickly and easily demo the Saleslogix Mobile Web Client App on YOUR device TODAY!
    We are here to answer your questions on how Mobility will save you Time and $$$. Contact us directly to answer ANY questions you may have by calling +1.603.369.3047 or use Google Call ME on our contact page.

    Are you still Manually e-mailing reports and struggling with Automation of critical Business Processes?

    It is time you took a close look at TaskCentre from Orbis Software. Not only can TaskCentre relieve you of repetitive time-consuming manual tasks, it will eliminate any/all possible "user induced" errors! Visit our dedicated Automation Page to learn more now.
    Do not hesitate to contact us directly (+1 603.369.3047) to answer ANY questions you may have or feel free to use Google Call ME on our contact page.

    News Details

    Swiftpage Sells Saleslogix to Infor - Keeps ACT!

  • It is now official (as of September 3rd 2014) - the deal to sell Saleslogix to Infor has been finalized. So what happens next you say? First of all, in Scottsdale the SAME team is in place to continue Development and Customer Support operations. Over time you should see some changes - like email addresses. For now, names/email addresses/phone numbers are still the same and we will try to keep everyone up to date.

    Infor has also announced a couple of significant items which will take place ASAP:
       • The Saleslogix R&D budget will be increased - and is happening NOW!
       • Saleslogix will be renamed Infor CRM™ - to support this, expect to see one (or two) updates to 8.1 to encapsulate the new branding.
       • Saleslogix partners will become Infor CRM™ Partners - soon!
  • What does this all mean to the customers/end users? -

    To begin with, the question as to whether or not Saleslogix is a strategic product has been finally put to bed. Renaming it Infor CRM™, applying additional resources (money, people, etc.), initiating the process to integrate it with their main product line (creating verticals as well) are not things a $3billion company would do for a "sideline product".

  • No matter what it is called, it is STILL the great product we have all come to know and appreciate over the years - and now it will continue to evolve into something even better.

    If there are ANY questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.
      A - By Phone: +1 603.369.3047
      B - By Email:rjlsystems@rjlsystems.net
      C - By WebCall
      D - Or just fill out the Contact Form
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    Saleslogix Version 8.1 Update

    V8.1 w/SNC05, Core05, Model05 is the latest release of Saleslogix. It includes ALL the great features introduced in version 8.0 PLUS it is "Infor Branded"!
       • New Forms Editor for the web
       • Dojo based Mobility replaced the previous Extjs based version(s) and brings a richer development and end user experience.
       • Web has had its .NET based controls replaced with javascript based controls. This makes customization of controls now within the developers reach. Dojo replaces Extjs (like in mobility).
       • Client/Server LAN/Windows client has a "ribbon" style menu (optional system wide) and is Unicode compatible.


    Saleslogix Mobile Web continues to provide rich CRM functionality and is SO simple to use, there (STILL) isn't even a manual. It's quick and powerful intuitive user interface has no peer in the industry. As was promised, there has been a version update (now on 3.2.1) with some User Interface enhancements. These include single-press pick-lists and lookups, a "clear" button on text fields, and updates to deal with iOS related issues.
    Learn more about Mobility HERE! Contact us NOW to for an evaluation on upgrading to v8.1+ from ANY previous version of Saleslogix.
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    Orbis Releases TaskCentre 4.6. Supports Windows 2012, 8 and SQL Server 2012

    Standard AND Vendor Aligned versions of TaskCentre 4.6 has been released... This release includes:
    • SQL Agent Clustering Support
    • Open Event Log
    • Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Support
    • Microsoft Windows Server 2012 Support
    • Microsoft Windows 8 Support
    • .Net V4 Support
    • Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 & 10 and Firefox 23 Support
    • TaskCentre API Extensions – Task Import
    • Integration of the Flat File Import Tool
    • File Management Tool Memory
    • Schedule Event Agent Polling Period
    • SMTP Event Embedded Image Access
    • Changing Name of OEM Versions
    • Tool API Enhancements
    • Software defect resolutions as detailed in the release notes.

    NOTE: Before installing Taskcentre 4.6 please read the associated release notes as there has been an important change to the installation process.
    All TaskCentre Customers who are current in their ALF (Annual License Fee) are entitled to a FREE download/copy of the release. Contact your TaskCentre Partner and get yours NOW!
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    EDIView for TaskCentre

    Fisher Technology - The North American Distributor for Orbis Software's TaskCentre announced they have been appointed as the North American Distributor for Dimension Software ApS to distribute EDIView for TaskCentre and the rest of their product line for the North American market.
    The new EDI Tools natively plug in to the TaskCentre BPM suite and provide a powerful and cost effective alternative to the traditional approach to EDI integration.
    These tools will be available to customers via TaskCentre partners. For additional information you may Click Here and also Contact us directly using Google Call ME on our contact page.
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    TaskCentre Web Service Connector Tool Released

    Building on its highly successful version 4.5 release, Orbis Software announced today the formal release of the TaskCentre Web Service Connector Tool incorporating the new Data Transformation Component.
    This tool is available NOW from us as an add-on for our existing and/or potential TaskCentre customers. For additional information you may Click Here and also Contact us directly using Google Call ME on our contact page.
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    ALL Versions of Saleslogix from Version 7.5.3 and down are RETIRED!

    Like all major software vendors, Saleslogix has always had a formal policy of product retirement. This is the point in time where a version of a product no is longer covered for maintenance and/or support. The following Saleslogix products have been officially retired, plus others scheduled to be retired:
      Version  Retirement Date  Status
      v7.5.0 thu v7.5.3    RETIRED
      v7.2.x    Jul 30, 2012      RETIRED
      v7.0.x    Nov 30, 2009     RETIRED
      v7.0.x    Nov 30, 2009     RETIRED
      v6.2.x    Feb 01, 2009     RETIRED
      v6.1.x    Mar 31, 2007     RETIRED
      v6.0.x    May 01, 2006    RETIRED
      v5.2.x    Jan 01, 2007     RETIRED
    We are here and ready to assist you in upgrading to the LATEST VERSION of Saleslogix from ANY version. Contact us NOW!
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